“Oneika brings a unique blend of spirt and soulfulness to her classes. Her energy and passion for the practice is infectious.
She is absolutely one of my all time favorite Yogis and reminds me that the practice is not simply about “getting it right” but getting at the heart of where you are at. To listen to yourself in an honoring way, to push through your own blocks and sometimes to just play.”
-J.F., Jersey City


My fiancé and I are private clients of Oneika’s and started yoga for different reasons. I started yoga as a way to get my body moving again because I was no longer active. My fiancé wanted to incorporate more flexibility into his workouts due to recurring injuries from field hockey. We found out that we both enjoyed it. Yes, it’s challenging at times but it has taught patience and has given us an hour each to be clam and focus on ourselves. Most importantly, it’s given us a new friend. Oneika is a very caring teacher. She may push you, but it’s only for your betterment. We relate to her as our yoga master and new friend in our lives.


A.F. and R.S.

“Big shout out to my ‘gor-jus’ yoga instructor Oneika Mays, the inspiration for my yoga and running journeys. She’s a whirling, twirling, yummy hair-smelling ball of positive and calming energy that I am happy to have found. Anyone interested in starting or expanding their yoga and wellness practice should check her out at Oneika’s Yoga Life. Namaste.”

A. Perry via Facebook


“I took a friend of mine who is suffering from an autoimmune disorder to Oneika’s therapeutic yoga class today. It was excellent. She was wonderful, and my friend was really happy with the class (I was too!).”
– Katherine M., Jersey City



“I can only best describe my practice with Oneika this way– I liken her to a travel agent who helps each of us book our travel for our individual journeys on our mat…Oneika understands that we may all be taking a different route, but she guides each of us to arrive at the same final destination. My practice with her is like no other.”-
-D. Freeman F., Jersey City

“Oneika is AWESOME!! I attended one of her community classes sometime in March. Since then i have been taking semi private lessons with her. 

She is a great teacher. We have new music and sequences every class.. She corrects us and helps us improve our practice every time.. 
She is always learning and that makes a fantastic teacher..
She changes her Yoga sequence based on how we are feeling that day- which makes us very happy! 
One of the best things is her Savasana and then she sometimes uses an oil at the end of class and gives us super adjustments… 

Keep doing what you are doing Oneika- we are so so happy we can have you teach us Yoga every week!!”

Tara K via Yelp




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