Wednesday Yoga


This morning, before my meditation practice I listened.

I listened to the silence outside. I listened to the hum of the heater. I listened to the quiet of the morning. And then I floated inward so I could hear myself. There are mornings that I have to do this. On some mornings I can’t just look inside right away. It requires a gentle invitation.

No rushing. No pushing.

I wait patiently and the door opens.

This is my year to live mindfully.

Namaste y’all.


Be Where You Are, When You Are

Budha in Garden

“You’re running and you’re running and you’re running away. You’re running and running but you can’t run away from yourself.”

– Bob Marley

I checked out during my hot class. It happens, I’m human.

The slip took place in between poses. The ‘in between’ is a big part of my yoga.

Am I moving mindfully as I transition? Or do I wander somewhere? In the instance mentioned above, go somewhere I did. I wasn’t where I went that mattered. The issue was leaving.

It’s almost too easy to run away. When the going gets tough, ducking out seems like the best option.

In a real or perceived crisis making my exit and kissing it all goodbye seems better than what I used to do- which is fight. Meeting obstacle with obstacle.

Also not a good plan.

There’s middle ground. It’s not all or nothing.
But what would happen if instead of checking out, I checked in? Instead of meeting the heat with a brute force attitude. What if I just hung with it for a sec?

It was only an instant but I came back to the heat. It wasn’t as bad as I had initially thought.

As if she was in my head the teacher started talking about a cabbie who’s sage advice was to be where you are when you are.

I wanted to get up and leave class- not because it was hot, but because that was the answer to the question I didn’t know I was asking.

Un. Freaking. Believable.

Have you had those kinds of moment on your mat?

I checked back in.

Leaving is never the answer.

Deal with being uncomfortable.

Things are never as bad as they seem if you stay.

In fact, things can only get better.

This is yoga and it’s always there for you. So stay.

Namaste y’all.

Dandayamana Bibhaktapada Paschimottanasana


( originally published on a&o discover inspiration)

Yoga keeps me flexible.

Come with me to Friday. I want to be the ghost of yoga past. I entered class with expectations. This is always (yes always) a bad idea. I thought that because I was in one place, my class that day would prove out my current situation.

Life is nothing like an equation.

Standing separate leg stretching pose is one that I had nailed in my first bikram class. My head easily touched the mat. But over the next few weeks, it became harder. It seemed that as I progressed in one area I regressed in another.

Until I remained flexible.

I started breathing. Not in the way that keeps us from dropping dead. I extended my length of an exhale. I started taking deep cleansing breaths before even getting out of bed in the morning. In class teachers tell you to inhale at certain points and exhale at others so you can deepen more into a pose. God damn if this doesn’t work.

Friday. Again.

My head touched my mat. I also moved through the entire series with a grace that I can assure you doesn’t come easily. On top of it- my hot vinyasa class Saturday morning was truly exhilarating! I was on my mat, but I’m starting to get what a moving meditation means. Aw sookie, sookie now.

Each day that I practice I find that there is an opening that gets bigger. Sometimes it’s in my hamstrings. Sometimes it’s in my heart. Starting a new career and realizing what truly can make me happy have been a tumultuous but enlightening journey indeed. Yoga has been a way for me to let go of some of those worries and embrace new ones. While trying to live in the moment there’s a time when you do nothing but live in the past.

Suddenly your mind catches up with your spirit. Or your spirit catches up with your mind. Or your mind catches up with your spirit.

You get it.

And apparently so do I. Today anyway. And really today is all that matters.

Namaste y’all.