Earth Yoga – Daily Tips to be More Green

We hear the expression ‘being green’ tossed about pretty frequently. Everyone wants a better world.  But ending global warming and saving the environment seem like daunting tasks. Sometimes it can feel like one person’s actions can’t make a difference.

They do.

Like the ripple in a pond- little actions can create big waves. Below are five easy things you, your friends and family can do to help the world, right now.

  1. Eat meatless more often. Believe it or not this is one of the biggest things an individual can do to help the planet. The carbon footprint for raising, killing, packing and shipping meat is the largest out of all the food we eat. Really want to help save the planet? Cut back on meat. Even better- buy local fish, fruits and veggies. You’ll be helping the small farmer and eating fresher food.


  1. Turn off lights– not only are your helping the planet but you are saving money. Do a walkthrough before you leave. The more walkthroughs you do and the longer you stay out, the more cost-effective this small task becomes!


  1. Leave your shoes at the door– Keeping dust to a minimum helps with air pollution in your home. A study conducted by Rockport (okay, I know Rockport’s aren’t the sexiest shoes- but they know footwear and feet) discovered that after 2 weeks a whole host of things end up on your shoes (e. coli and lots of bacteria). When you take your shoes off you cut the chances of those bacteria coming into your abode by 70%. Wow.


  1. Is that your refrigerator running? Keeping the temp at 37 degrees instead of freezing maximizes efficiency while keeping food fresh and frozen food freezing!


  1. Each one, teach one. Spread the love about being green.

Namaste y’all.


Renewing Your Spirit – 5 Ways to Do It

“Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.” 

– George Eliot

There’s something about autumn that I love and loathe. As a kid I loved the crisp mornings getting excited because I knew that I’d soon be able to break out my new sweaters. Warm weather still peeks through the day and it’s cool enough at night to get a morning chill. Fall is associated with renewal and that makes sense. We can shed old ways or reconnect with our pre-summer selves. Once the kids are back in their routines and beach days are gone we begin our own version of molting.


Here are 5 ways that I get back to me:

1. Reconnect with my practice

September is a big fitness season. As the family calendar takes over we get back to the business of health. For some this means actually working out again (you know who you are) and for others it means switching up the routine. I’ve never run outside in cooler weather, so I’m doing a little homework.

Fall is a time when I take a look at my practice. The change in seasons wakes up different parts of my senses. My asana practice took place mostly in the evenings. Since I teach most evenings, it was scattered. But I’ve sat my butt down to plan out my practices a few weeks out at a time. Incorporating

2. Jump start healthy eating

Eat seasonally!!! Eat seasonally!!!  My cooking shifts from grilling to roasting. I swap out fresh tomatoes for squash and mushrooms. Quinoa begins to make regular appearances and what I love most of all, SOUP SEASON!!! There is nothing like a hearty soup to make me giggle like wanda the witch from Sesame Street (which is creepy and cool at the same time). Renew your love of the kitchen by pulling down the crock pot and making soup. Crowd pleasers and freezer friendly. This fall and winter you’ll see a bunch of soup recipes  so get ready.

I’m now meatless every day of the week, but before I was I started participating in Meatless Monday. I’d say it was the first thing that really helped think about my carbon footprint.

3. Read a good book

All of the best books come out in fall!!! If you are a book nerd like me, this is your time to find a stack (or queue) of things to get you through the cold winter months. Reading is great stimulation for the brain and a soothing activity. Kids who see their parents read are more likely to read themselves.

4. Make time to make time

Did you know that a 2006 study said that meditating can be better for you than sleeping? Taking even a few minutes to collect your thoughts is great for you and others. I love early morning when I walk Dakota. It allows me to set intentions for the day and reflect on where I am. Take a minute in the shower just to pause can be beneficial. I’ve actually been thinking about my time in the Catskills surrounded by silence. I’ve gotten away from finding a few quiet moments to let go. Seems like the right time to re-commit.

5. Don’t sweat the small stuff

“Don’t sweat the small stuff, because it’s all small stuff…” Cliche and overused, maybe. That doesn’t mean it’s untrue. Maybe it was the heat and  (and don’t get me wrong I’m a summer kind of chick) but the little things were getting under my skin. The cool crisp air of fall allows me to exhale.

How do you welcome fall into your life?

Namaste y’all!