For Yogis Who Spin When The Asana Isn’t Enuf…



So much has changed. Rather than resist, I’m going with things. Not a bad plan.A few months ago I felt physically stagnant. My asana practice wasn’t feeling the same and I was sluggish and slow. There was never any rule that I only has to practice asana, but I let all the activity fade away. I’m sure this happens to lots of yogis.

But yoga isn’t about asana. For me it’s about uniting movement and breathing in a way that allows me to be present and mindful. I’m not just talking about on my mat but as way of moving through the world.

A few months ago I went to Rush Cycling in Jersey City. The first class was killer and I felt exhausted and out of shape but also strong and inspired. My tapas was reignited. I fell in love. When I’m on that bike my legs burn, my heart pounds and I’m linked with my breathing in a way that feels dare I say almost transcendent. I know, that’s a whole lotta shit to put on a bike. But it’s true. Spin is yoga.

Not surprisingly, I feel more rounded in my asana practice even though it has significantly impacted my flexibility. Let me say that honestly. My ego has been affected because all the riding has impacted my my flexibility. Frankly, I think this is going to extend the life of my asana practice because I’m not able to hang out in my joints the way I used to. I’m not suggesting that’s a good thing. I’m just talking about the way I used to move. As I get older, I’m beginning to appreciate what my body needs to be strong and healthy. It may not mean slowing down but exploring what it means to be active inside my body. Growing older is a gift.


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