Wednesday Yoga- Be nicer to yourself, Stupid

I’ve just finished a quiz and I’m making myself crazy about the grade. It’s not about the grade- it’s about the learning. I know this intellectually but sometimes my Ego takes her own damn time catching up. Meanwhile she spreads her vicious gossip and toxic thinking. Such a bitch. 
The funny part is- I was listening to Pema Chodron on my bike ride to school and she was answering a question about giving into cravings or desire. The issue isn’t the craving- it’s the value that we assign to the craving. Good. Bad. Smart. Stupid. 

Judgement, judgement everywhere and not a kind thought to think. 

The grade doesn’t matter. The fact is I learned a shit ton (Yes, that’s a scientific term) about the endocrine system. And I’m really happy.

I hope I got an A. 

Hey- one step at a time. 

Namaste y’all 😉 


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