Friday Yoga – Willy Wonka


There are some days have I have an eek moment. I look around at all the changes I’ve made in the last four years and want to freak the f*ck out. What am I doing? Am I insane? While I wasn’t happy, I felt sure of where I was going (nowhere). But believe it or not, I felt security in that road to wherever feeling. But it wasn’t real. The illusion was that the job would always be there. The illusion was that stuff made me happy.  The truth was that I wasn’t physically or emotionally healthy. The truth was that I was smoking more than  pack of cigarettes a day. What exactly did I want to get back to?

And then I look around and realize that I actually have the luxury of having a freak out moment. I look around around and realize that I get up and meditate before doing anything. I get up and realize that my body is sore from spending the day learning to facilitate healing in others- with my hands…

Or, I realize that it’s Friday and I’ll be heading to Rikers to teach class. Most importantly, I keep truckin’ paving a future on my terms. The path is a lot bumpier than I planned, but it is lined with the stuff of dreams. I love every second.


Enjoy the journey!


Namaste y’all.

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