Tuesday Yoga – Go Within

when you don't go within



This morning when the alarm went off I heard the pouring rain. I smiled, hit snooze and turned over pretending it was Saturday. Ten minutes later Chaka Khahn sang the reality of the situation. On mornings that I want to zone out, I know it’s important to get up and do my sit.

The rain pounding was a beautiful backdrop. I was listening to the rain and my breathing- feeling really present and alert. However, as I made my way to the shower I did get a little jealous when I saw my dog blissfully zonked out.

Happy Tuesday.

Namaste y’all.





3 thoughts on “Tuesday Yoga – Go Within

    1. Hi! A few folks have sent me this article! I’m checking to see what dorm he’s in!! We may already have classes going on- if not in going to see what we can do!!! Thanks for showing me this! I’ll keep you posted!

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