Thursday Yoga – Accept and Change



My home asana practice is a work in progress. And this is fine. I’m still a new practitioner, yet…I was giving myself a lot of shit about it. Lately, as I’ve been working on living in this moment. I realize that the more I let things be as they are, the more I can change them. Yesterday I watched Breath of the Gods- again. BotG is a documnetary about the modern history of yoga. I actually find it to be spotty and long winded but there are little aha moments I have whenever I watch it. Yesterday, I was struck to try a new kind of home practice. Usually I meditate first thing in the morning. But today I thought I’d sit for a minute, practice and then meditate. I’m going to do this home practice for a few weeks and see how I like it. It’s not fancy, but I guess neither am I- so…


My Morning Practice


  • downward facing dog 5 breaths
  • 10 sun salutes.
  • downward facing for 50 breaths,
  • paschi 50 breaths,
  • cobra 15 breaths,
  • fish pose lotus 10 breaths
  • half-seated spinal twist 10 breaths each side
  • ankle-to-knee 10 breaths each side
  • shoulder stand 20 breaths
  • headstand 20 breaths
  • corpse pose



Meditation 20 minutes

And that as they say, is that.

2015 is the year of living mindfully. Are you in the moment?

Namaste y’all.




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