Wednesday Yoga – Judging and Loving


It’s easy to get into a trap with judging the people closest to us. We do it out of love. Think they should be living a different life, look a different way, say different things. Just be different than they are in the present moment.

And maybe our loved ones aren’t doing what we think is best for them- but our lives are only ours to live. When we judge people and think they are making bad choices, we take away from our own present moment. This ultimately causes the judger more suffering.

We can’t control others. We can love our families, friends, lovers, partners- our tribe unconditionally. Through releasing the idea of expectations over others can we begin to move toward our own sense of enlightenment.

It’s tough- but when we begin to accept things as they are- everything changes.

2015 is the year of living mindfully.

Are you in the moment?

Namaste y’all.

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