Friday Yoga

Yogi Bhajan

I love this quote but it can be challenging, especially if you haven’t made it a habit to of listening to yourself. I don’t mean listening with your ego-centered thoughts to an ego-centered mind. With practice you begin to hear the whisper of something deep and lasting; the wisdom of your spirit.

I have found that by practicing mediation my inner voice is strong and sonorous. It says things that I never heard because I was too busy looking outside of myself.

Be still, it says.

Trust yourself, it says.

Be strong, it says.

Be vulnerable, it says.

Serve, it says.

Serve, it says.

Love, it says.

There are times that I still get distracted and feel lost. When those times arise, I come back to what I know about my best self. This gets back in touch with my center.


Namaste y’all.


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