Keep it Simple

Kiss Me

As a society we live for the weekend and TGIF. Looking forward to something takes away from our present.

Enjoy today. Not because it’s Friday, but because it’s right now.


Keep it simple.

Namaste y’all.


One thought on “Keep it Simple

  1. You always hear that keeping it simple used to be a lot simpler. Maybe there really is a progression toward increased complexity in our personal lives. I don’t think that necessarily needs to be the case, though. Your list suggests to me that we need to reflect on what is truly important and give priority to the important things. And those are likely the enduring things that bring us closer to each other. The rest of it we just might not get to, and we need to learn to be okay with that. And I know that you would say, Oneika, that we’ll never be able to simplify if we don’t learn to give full attention to what is right in front of us. Thanks for the good post, O.

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