More Gardening Yoga – Adventures from the Community Garden

Community Garden
There’s a groundhog in the community garden. I need to build a little fence to keep this visitor away from my veggies. Not sure why this freaked me out a bit but all I could think was- how do I construct a fence? I imagined blueprints and saws lumber and overalls. I should mention that my plot is 3×5. After all, I had just come to weed the plot and water… Now I had to take a shop class.
Captain Overthink strikes again.
Fortunately for me (and you) I have a rational side.

After becoming a little overwhelmed at the jungle my little garden had turned into I looked around and smiled at how great things were in that moment.

On a Saturday afternoon I was weeding my garden where I’m growing food that I will (hopefully) be able to consume. The gardens were in their full green glory and later I’d be doing a sunset practice in Times Square with my sister and her friend to celebrate the solstice. There was nothing overwhelming.
There are a few benches scattered around the garden so I decided to meditate outside. It was tricky at first taking in the sounds of outside, but as they began to fade to a whisper in the background I became aware of the breeze rippling through the gardens and the ivy climbing up the embankment. At some point things felt very quiet and I don’t know if that was me letting go or if the breeze and chatter stopped at one point.
When I finished and opened my eyes to all some much green from the garden I couldn’t help but smile from the inside out. It’s summer solstice an all is well.
My garden is growing.
Namaste y’all.

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