Finishing 108 Days of Meditation is the Beginning



So over 108 days ago I committed to a daily meditation practice.

The ways in which it’s changed me are too numerous to count.

Subtle changes have occurred. For example, I’m smiling more. This was a change that crept up on me. One day walking in my new hood I took note that folks were so friendly. People said hello and waved. What was even stranger is that is that people got friendlier and friendlier! Then it dawned on me- I’m friendlier and more open. You get back what you put out.

It was a head scratching moment. Yikes- how closed off had I been before? Bob Marley was right- you can’t run away from yourself. And it’s a good being because I’d never know how good being open could feel.

Meditation hasn’t just metaphorically opened my heart- it’s literally made me more flexible. Being still has given me an ability to look deep inside my breathing. As strange as it sounds sometimes it feels like I moving energetically into a pose in slow motion. Like liquid pouring into liquid. Rather than moving step-by-step into a form I find myself moving there in a rhythmic motion.

Life presents us with situations that  are challenging and I don’t run from that, but I am much more selective about my optional noise. It’s said that we are like the 5 most people we spend most of our time with. I would think that applies to where we spend our time. Am I spending time in a meaningful manner or is it being wasted? Being still has also allowed me to turn down outside noise that doesn’t serve me.

It’s simple really- I’m trying to be more awake and less distracted.

I’m more successful on some days than others but hey, the fact that I’m paying attention puts me ahead of when I wasn’t meditating at all.


Namaste y’all.




5 thoughts on “Finishing 108 Days of Meditation is the Beginning

  1. I can relate to what you are describing. Good for you.. I know for myself, if i try to skip a day of meditation, I feel it.. more doubt, more fear, etc.
    But through meditation, tapping into the source.. our source, we really heal.
    Be the Change.
    Namaste. ~Tiff

  2. There’s such power in the smallest things. Smiling and saying Hello to a stranger makes the world a better place! I think the effect is to reduce the stranger’s stress a bit; provide a little reassurance that kindness is alive and that we’re okay. You’re a good teacher, Oneika!

    1. Hello Bharat! ” I think the effect is to reduce the stranger’s stress a bit; provide a little reassurance that kindness is alive and that we’re okay.” I like that. Like Ram Dass says we are all just walking each other home.

  3. After I read this, I feel inspired to take up the challenge of really sitting down and designating time each day for meditation.. Not just thirty seconds of sitting on my mat after yoga. It’s amazing how much of a difference we can make in our daily lives by trying to be more conscious.

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