Earth Yoga – Daily Tips to be More Green

We hear the expression ‘being green’ tossed about pretty frequently. Everyone wants a better world.  But ending global warming and saving the environment seem like daunting tasks. Sometimes it can feel like one person’s actions can’t make a difference.

They do.

Like the ripple in a pond- little actions can create big waves. Below are five easy things you, your friends and family can do to help the world, right now.

  1. Eat meatless more often. Believe it or not this is one of the biggest things an individual can do to help the planet. The carbon footprint for raising, killing, packing and shipping meat is the largest out of all the food we eat. Really want to help save the planet? Cut back on meat. Even better- buy local fish, fruits and veggies. You’ll be helping the small farmer and eating fresher food.


  1. Turn off lights– not only are your helping the planet but you are saving money. Do a walkthrough before you leave. The more walkthroughs you do and the longer you stay out, the more cost-effective this small task becomes!


  1. Leave your shoes at the door– Keeping dust to a minimum helps with air pollution in your home. A study conducted by Rockport (okay, I know Rockport’s aren’t the sexiest shoes- but they know footwear and feet) discovered that after 2 weeks a whole host of things end up on your shoes (e. coli and lots of bacteria). When you take your shoes off you cut the chances of those bacteria coming into your abode by 70%. Wow.


  1. Is that your refrigerator running? Keeping the temp at 37 degrees instead of freezing maximizes efficiency while keeping food fresh and frozen food freezing!


  1. Each one, teach one. Spread the love about being green.

Namaste y’all.

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