Cold Weather Bike Yoga – Tips for the Cold

bike tire snow

So, this bone chilling cold has been met with exuberant obsession from yours truly. I gobble articles with headlines that scream:

New York Today: Life Threatening Wind Chill

Southern, Eastern U.S. Brace for Record-Breaking Cold

45 Record Breaking Lows Shattered Today

When Boiling Water Meets -41°

And while this is fun to read from the coziness of my home, biking to my 6am class in 10° thrust me into the middle of the cold weather story. Fortunately, I was prepared. Biking in the cold for 5 minutes is preferable to walking for 15 minutes but I had to take some precautions. If you are thinking about taking on the frigid temps here are a few tips.

  1. Layers. Just like yoga, it’s all about the core- with a t-shirt, thin turtleneck and my gortex coat I was toasty.
  2. Keep the head (and ears!!) covered. We lose 30% of our heat from the top of our head. My Tundra hat kept my head and ears nice and warm. Temps this morning hovered in the single digit range so I took care to cover my face as well. Investing in a balaclava is on the agenda. With my recently acquired heated gloves  I was really comfortable.
  3. Lower the tire pressure. This is helpful for when there is ice and snow on the ground.
  4. Take it slow.

cold weather new jersey

This is yoga- and sometimes it’s cold.

Namaste y’all.

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