Vegan Diaries – Eat Deliciously with the Seasons

root veggies

I love restaurants that have a seasonal menu. That usually means they shop at local farms. It also tells me they put some thought into the menu.

I’ve applied that same way of thinking to my kitchen. The result? Eating seasonally is a great way to be healthy on a budget.

Let’s face it, buying tropical fruit in the middle of the winter is going to be expensive.

Instead, buy what’s local and fresh. Your food will taste better, cost less and help your local economy!!

At first it may take a litlle planning. But don’t get overwhelmed, your local farmers market is a great place to stock up each week (This also makes the planning easier- you have to cook what you get that week)

No green markets in the area? Many grocery stores also have a local produce section (even the big chains). This makes the process painless! Your family will also look forward to your favorite seasonal dishes!! Frozen seasonal veggies are also a great way to go. Frozen spinach, frozen kale and frozen squash are nice additions to your freezer. They cook fast and are flexible.

I’m a big fan of soups and stews when the temperatures drop. Huge. Ginormous. They are easy, flavorful and easy on the pockets.

Also I run a veggie into the ground, flipping the script as it were.

Roasted pumpkin, pumpkin soup, pumpkin pureé over pasta, pumpkin muffins, roasted pumpkin slices in a wrap…..You get the idea. And pumpkins last for-ev-ver…


Disparities in food wealth have always bothered me.

Green markets are the new train tracks. After spending just one week on a tight food budget, more than ever I know that taking about healthy accessible food is a service that we owe to each other.

So stay tuned for more recipes that are easy, cheap and delicious.

Namaste y’all.

This New York Times video with Michael Pollan is a great clip on staying healthy in the supermarket.


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