You Don’t Have Lungs in Your Stomach and Other (Obvious) Mind-Blowing Facts

yoga breathing


ob·tuse (b-ts, -tys, b-)

adj. ob·tus·er, ob·tus·est


a. Lacking quickness of perception or intellect.
b. Characterized by a lack of intelligence or sensitivity: an obtuse remark.
c. Not distinctly felt: an obtuse pain.


I can be obtuse. Sometimes it’s on purpose. This is obnoxious I know, but sometimes I just don’t feel like taking someone’s conversation bait. Usually this is because I’m feeling more honest than usual and like my mom said, if you can’t say something nice

She actually never said that. However, she did say never to use the word hate or call someone ugly– both useful pieces of advice.

I digress.

I’m obtuse. Sometimes, not on purpose. Maybe it’s a processing thing, because when I have an ‘aha’ moment it’s usually over something benign and embarrassingly obvious.


It was already a perfect Saturday. I rose and shone (as it were) early and refreshed. Took the pupster on a long walk (she, too was wagging her tail) and took a 10am hot class.

Sometimes you have one of those days when you metaphorically hit every green light. Nothin’ special is happening- but things… just click.

The rundown:

Had a great class- bam. Was hungry and realized I couldn’t buy anything because of my 2 week challenge but remembered I packed a few apples- bam.

You get the idea.

It’s as if you are moving with the flow of energy and not resisting.

My bad- I digress, again. When you are hitting every green light it’s easy to get off track. Things get real shiny, real quick.

At 2pm I took a Yoga Anatomy workshop at Yoga to the People.

I had Anatomy with yoga teacher training but things don’t always sink in for me the first go ’round. And I need lots of structure, so $20 for 2 hours of yoga body talk seemed like a freakin’ steal. Walking away with one nugget of wisdom would make it worth my time.

Um- I got so much more than I bargained. Just in case there’s someone like me reading this, I’m gonna repeat that- I got so much more than I bargained.

  • If some part of the body is not moving enough, another part is moving too much
  • It’s important to looks for a little movement in lots of places rather than just lots of movement in one place
  • Symmetry doesn’t mean balance, the body naturally looks to create balance.
  • Changing patterns in the body is a process. If it took 20 years to create a movement pattern it may take as long to create a new one

But the biggest moment was when I heard, “I know you all know this, but we don’t have lungs in the belly. Lots of times students push down to get air out when we need to lift up to get air out.”

This led to a deeper discussion about the actions of a belly breath. More importantly, it became really clear that as a teacher my words need to be clear so I’m not cueing a student to do some that doesn’t make sense.

A belly breath is important, but I need to get specific about what it is and how to do it properly. Because we don’t have lungs in the belly.

I get it. I get it. I get it.

It takes awhile. And then, every I hit every green light.

Namaste y’all.



6 thoughts on “You Don’t Have Lungs in Your Stomach and Other (Obvious) Mind-Blowing Facts

      1. I can say the same about my own self. As far as I’m concerned, those lessons that having learned them seem the most obvious are the best ones because they stick with me. And there is much to be said for goofy enthusiasm! So let us keep on keepin on!

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