Vegan Diaries – 21 Meals and 35 Bucks (Days 4 and 5)


So not every meal was great. I think that I’m going to lean on my pantry more this week.

Concepts that seemed delicious in theory flopped in execution because they lacked some necessary items that weren’t on the list.

My plan on Day 5 was shredded Brussels sprouts with quinoa.

Because I skipped lunch, combining the two meals seemed smart.

I make a killer sweet potato pancake. Hey, with the sprouts, this was looking like it may be the best meal yet!


I didn’t use anything to bind the sweet potatoes so they because more of a hash. A tasty curry spiced hash, but not the delish latke I was anticipating.

All jokes aside, it’s opened my eyes to living on a tight food budget.

Someone mentioned that the meals seemed too small. I inadvertently lost a pound.

A strong pantry is important.

I smell another post.

Namaste y’all.

Day 4


  • Soup


  • White bean, Sweet Potato and Kale Stir-Fry

Day 5


  • Sweet Potato


  • Quinoa with shredded Brussels sprouts

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