Vegan Diaries – The Big Salad

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Episode 88 of Seinfeld was a monumental day for salad everywhere. Hearing George Castanza shriek about Ellaine having to have the ‘biiiiig salad’, we all started to give salad a second look. It used to be just an afterthought to be ignored on a plate but I’m convinced Episode 88 gave salad the limelight it deserves!!!

And as long as you don’t go mad with the dressing, salads are great for you. My favorite salad is actually pretty spartan- cucumbers, lettuce, Meyer lemon juice, light tasting olive oil, flaked sea salt and cracked black pepper.

I eat my salad alone. Sometimes I have my salad as a sandwich- sometimes I

meatless monday, black women yoga, summer salads

What’s your favorite salad?

Namaste y’all!


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