Adventures in Yoga- Me and My Big Trap


A good neck warm up matters, yo.

Forgive me- I’m watching The Killing as I write and I love me some Holder.

The Killing has to be one of the most depressing and compelling shows I’ve watched.

It starts slow and builds to this point where you want more and more.

Actually it’s a lot like yoga. Seriously, yo. I know I say that about everything- but in this case it’s really true.

I need to back up for a sec and talk about my traps. Excuse me, my trapezius muscle.

My upper trapezius gets tight right quick. It’s one of those annoying injuries- it happens once, and you are doomed to have it happen quite a bit.

I can sleep incorrectly and boom- stiff.

A stiff neck makes me a lot less fun not the least of which is how it cramps my asana practice.

That my friends is not okay.

I’ve found though that by warming up mindfully (and slowly) I can avoid being a pain in the neck.


Rodney Yee offers a great series of postures to stretch out the neck and shoulders. While he presents it as desk yoga- it seems perfect for any time. And really, can you go wrong listening to his soothing voice?

Stephen Holder offers his own brand of yoga.

Namaste y’all. Or as Holder might say, namaste yo.


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