Mind Over Madness 2013


Summer. Summer. Summer.

This is my time. Like millions of others the world over, I celebrated the solstice. It’s a day that is filled with nostalgia and possibility.

On an island off the East Coast- thousands of yogis with mats on their backs trekked to an unexpected mecca- Times Sq.

Last year was my first time attending Mind Over Madness. It was an incredible experience. There’s something transcendent that occurs when you connect with your body and breath with thousands on Manhattan pavement. I knew at that point that yoga would be be how I lived my life, I just wasn’t sure how.

I returned to the 2013 Mind Over Madness as a Yoga Teacher. What a difference a year makes. Yesterday I did yoga again with thousands of people from every walk of life. And this time I was there with some of the amazing women I’ve met on my journey.

As expected the class was a-mazing. With my heels rooted I extended my arms up to the sky as Rodney Yee encouraged us to reach up taller, heart lifted. My eyes looked past the skyscrapers and into the cloudless blue. I could feel thousands of fingers stretching taller grasping and touching pieces of themselves – floating . The intention I set for my practice was set free, left to rise and be realized.

With an exhale we folded forward. I exhaled out poisonous thoughts and old useless stories in Lion’s Pose, smiling inside so much that I’m pretty sure that if I looked in a mirror an 😄would be looking back.

It was an hour that felt like a perfect eternity and like nothing at all.
Time doesn’t always seem linear. When you are able to be in a moment connected with everything as everything, that is all that counts.

In yoga we talk a lot about being blessed or feeling blessed. There is no other way to describe the immense gratitude that washed over me yesterday.

I also to continue to be humbled and filled with love by the support of my family and friends. Without them I wouldn’t have been able to keep this journey going.

I can’t wait until 2014, but for now I will live completely in this moment.

Happy summer solstice.

Namaste y’all.

me and fellow yogi Kathleen Kraft
me and fellow yogi Kathleen Kraft
Me and Mary waiting in line
Me and Mary waiting in line
Nicole smiling because she was in the front row!
Nicole smiling because she was in the front row!
Mind Over Madness Baby
Mind Over Madness Baby

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