Adventures in Yoga- Necessity is a Mutha


Wild Thing

“The greatest step towards a life of simplicity is to learn to let go.” 
― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

“Necessity is a Mutha”

– A. Mays


These words of wisdom were spoken to me yesterday. Chatting with Dad Dude (that’s how he shows up in my phone) I mentioned that necessity was the mother of intention. I thought I was so clever. Ever the wordsmith.

Without missing a beat he says, “Necessity is a mutha”.

Gotta be quick in the Mays family. Quips are flipped, stripped and dipped.

Yet, there’s always a point to be made. Alas, I will get to mine.

A few weeks back I mentioned that I had been holding on a bit tightly to my practice.

Wait. That’s not quite right.

I actually talked about my issues with over correcting my own practice.

Accuracy. Sigh. It’s not always important but in this case, it’s necessary.

Because I am me, I obsessed about this. I focused on trying to have fun.

Who does that? Who has to focus on fun?

Me apparently…And not successfully.

While I stopped adjusting myself every five seconds, I wasn’t relaxed.

Until today.

The 10am class was a bunch of regulars. There was lots of room (in a NYC yoga studio, this is a glorious luxury) and the vibe was focused but somehow chill. With one of my favorite teachers leading and me feeling mellow, I set an intention to let go of the stuff I didn’t need. Necessity isn’t just the mother of invention. Sometimes we get to a point when when the only choice left is the best one.


I let go. Relaxed. Breathed. Exhaled. Shook it loose. Set it free. Put it down.

You feel me?

It wasn’t about fun. I was too caught up. I do that. It’s dangerous. It’s why I started yoga in the first place.

Eventually we come full circle, back to the place we started. And (if we are smarter) we do what makes sense.

As I started to move I got out of my head and into my yoga.


I could feel it.

I could see it.

I could be it.

It felt so good.

It felt like home.

I’m back.


This is yoga and you can always come home again.

Namaste y’all.



One thought on “Adventures in Yoga- Necessity is a Mutha

  1. I feel ya. When you eliminate all the bull, what’s left has to be the truth – Sherlock H. said something like that, right? Put it down, put it down, put it down – and all of the sudden there’s the breath just waitin for ya. Damn good thing this happens once in a while or I’d have no faith at all.

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