Livin’ on the Edge


There’s one teacher at my hot studio that I love and hate (in the nicest way possible) because she she pushes me so I ride the edge.

You know the edge- it’s the place where you break down to break through. One time it was a backbend adjustment. By moving the hips forward and drawing the tailbone down, I was able to lift higher from my upper back. In turn this allowed my head to fall back more and really open the heart chakra.

Covered in sweat, heart racing a feeling shot through my throat like someone did a tracheotomy (I watch too much Grey’s Anatomy- way. Too. Much).

I digress. Backbend. Throat chakra. Right.

Anyway , I’m getting these micro adjustments feeling really present with the pose and then….

Like a poltergeist I feel the thought zooming through my body to find an exit out of my throat ( or was it my heart).

Boy I sure miss, ______. Wonder if I should call? Hmmm…
Woah- hey now where did that come from?

The moment passed and I had to move on to the next pose.

Breakthroughs don’t happen when you’re comfy. But it’s a fine line. The other side of the edge is pain or exhaustion or strain. I love this teacher because she knows me and can see where I am today. You can’t always push, push push. There must be time for breathing. There must be time to let the changes sink in to become a part of your skin and soul.

The edge is a great place to be. This is a different edge than looking for trouble- not that I know anything about that. Just a guess.

Knowing your edge on the mat can inspire great changes off of it.

Break down to break through.

Wonder if I should make that call. Maybe it was just the back bend talking.

This is yoga, on the edge. Namaste y’all

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