Adventures in Yoga Teaching – Epsom Salts

bath candles

Now that I’m teaching and have a daily asana practice, I’ve noticed that my muscles get sore from time to time. It’s perfectly normal. However, rather than blow it off as I would have in times past, I pause and investigate. This is to prevent major injury.

Aside from it being practical (c’mon who want to take a class with a teacher who is hurt?), it’s important to honor and respect your body.

Oh- and if you’re hurt you can’t teach- so there’s that. And since you use money to buy food and stuff- it’s kind of important.

Just about any problem can be solved by a hot bath. I have always loved a hot bath, but now it’s a part of my routine as preventive medicine. Lately, my hamstrings have been little tight, okay they’ve been drum tight, there I’ve said it. Enter epsom salt and my tub.

*Marvin Gaye voice* ‘Ooooh child things are gonna get easier….

Baths are a magical happy place. And epsom salts work.

Don’t tell my mother, but she told me about using epsom salts years ago, but I blew it off because like so many I tend to ignore my mother’s advice. A few years back out of desperation I tried them. Miraculously, my muscle aches disappeared. I soak once a week at least and more if I’m feeling extra achy.

Mom, you were right! Hmm, makes me wonder about all the other bits of information that have be bestowed upon me over the years. Seriously- please don’t tell her.

epsom salt

Because I’m not content to leave well enough alone slightly skeptical, I had to do further research on this whole epsom salt thing. I mean, why isn’t everyone aware of the miracle of epsom salts, or have I just been living in an epsom salt free world oblivious to the joy on the other side?

Fact: Truth is stranger than fiction.

I found an article that discusses this very topic ad nauseam. Seriously, Paul Ingraham spends over 8,000 words delving into epsom salts, wives tale or really medicinal? (I know it’s 8000 words because it states the word count in the summary. This should have served as a warning)

In my fantasy world you care as much about this as I do and we discuss how crazy this guy must be for writing such an extensive article on epsom salt.

I hear your exasperated tone, ‘Epsom salts do they work or not, Oneika? Get to it, we have got things to do.’

According to the Epsom Salt Council (there is a lobby for everything, c’mon who else is going to make sure the voice of epsom salt is heard in DC *eye roll*)

They work. The magnesium from the salts gets absorbed in the body, in as little as 12 minutes.


So give yourself a soak.

This is yoga, submerged.

Namaste y’all.


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