Journey Yoga – Don’t Stop Believin’


Did you know that Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ is the most downloaded song of the 20th century? And why shouldn’t it be?

It f*cking rocks.

Don’t care where you were born, your social standing, religion, job title or spiritual affiliation – when you hear those keyboards and Just a small town girlyour inner 80’s rock star emerges. Just last summer my sister and I were driving to Martha’s Vineyard, MA for the July 4th weekend.

Stuck in traffic. My sister flipped through stations on the radio. There it was, Don’t Stop Believin’…

We belted it out with our bad voices, because that’s how we roll.

Damn, it feels so good to sing that song.

Can’t forget the last episode of The Sopranos. (For the record I’m team David Chase got the finale right)

Don’t Stop Believin- Everyman’s Journey is about the search and discovery of Arnel Pineda, Journey’s new lead singer. The doc is a little thin because it tries to delve into Journey pre and post Steve Perry.

Arnel’s story is the meat of this film and for its flaws it’s still very watchable.

Stepping into Steve Perry’s shoes was a tall order but Arnel and his rags to riches story is the stuff of legends. A homeless kid singing on the streets of the Philipines for food, he’s now a rock star living the dream.

Living. The. Dream. Do you get me? Discovered on YouTube. C’mon.

Don’t Stop Believin’. 


In class today our teacher mentioned that a 10 year old had taken his first hot yoga class. Midway through class she checks in with him to see how he’s doing. He responds, ‘I won’t ever give up!’

Don’t Stop Believin’. 

It’s true.

That’s part of the joy of Journey songs- they are about love, triumph, being faithful and never giving up.

Another fun fact, during every minute of every day you can hear a Journey song playing somewhere in the world.

Humanity likes a happy ending.

That gives me hope for this planet.

Nobody gets out of here alive, but enlightenment for all may be on the horizon.

I’m working on an idea about how to bring a larger message of yoga to communities that need it. I’ve been struggling a bit and have felt pretty frustrated the past few weeks. It’s aggravating to plug away and feel like you’re not making any progress.

But class today and this documentary were a much needed reminder.

Don’t Stop Believin’. 

I can’t. I won’t.

This is yoga. Don’t stop.

Namaste y’all.


6 thoughts on “Journey Yoga – Don’t Stop Believin’

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