Adventures in Yoga Teaching – New Teacher Update!!

photo credit Etsy
photo credit Etsy

It’s been about three months since I finished my teacher training.

I’ve already learned a ton, check it:

  1. I love teaching yoga. I’m excited before I go to sleep and smiling when I wake up in the morning. 
  2. Can’t stop learning. ‘Required’ reading may longer be asked of me, but staying inspired is key. I’m reading a few things right now starting with The Bhagavad Gita and Pema Chödrön’s Start Where You Are. I love the practicality of Buddhism and Pema’s words consistently influence how I see the world and this in turn I think shows up in how I teach (at least I hope so).
  3. This learning has extended itself to taking as many classes as I can manage. It’s incredible how you can glean some insight from every teacher.
  4. I’m teaching as much as I can. This is for the obvious financial reasons, but you really need to sink your teeth in right away. The more you teach the better you get. This sounds fairly obvious, but if you are looking to become a teacher full-time (or even part-time) confidence is critical.
  5. Planning my classes has been helpful. I think no matter how experienced I get, I’ll always have an outline of what the class will look like. Now to talk out of the other side of my mouth, remaining flexible is just as important. If a class is more or less experienced, you’ve gotta modify your plans. As a teacher, I’m there to guide and inspire, not jam my ideas of yoga down their throats.
  6. Getting on sub lists gets you exposed to new students and potential clients if you teach privately! My sister said compared subbing to open houses for real estate agents. Sure you’re selling a house but you are also meeting more potential buyers for your business. (She’s so smart).
  7. Be authentic.



This journey has been pretty amazing so far. I’m not sure what’s down the road or around the corner. But boy I sure love the present.


This is yoga. And it is teaching me something every minute.

Namaste y’all.



6 thoughts on “Adventures in Yoga Teaching – New Teacher Update!!

  1. What you said x1000! I feel like we’re on similar paths, to the extent that I just made a similar blog post three days ago about my first month teaching. I’d be curious how you went about getting on more sub lists – I lucked into one near my house to finish this month’s goal – teaching one class for money (I’ve taught 13!). Now my goal for next month is to get on as many more lists as possible.

    1. Hi! I was lucky enough to have a manager of a local health club in a class that I was subbing. I’ve also gone to all of the local health clubs to ask to get added. I was asked to audition and then boom. Also, blogging is a great way to get out there as a teacher. I think that every teacher should have a blog.

  2. What teacher training did you go through? Also, now that you’re teaching has your practice or your relationship with yoga changed?

    1. Hi Cydney! I did FlorYoga teacher training for a 200 hr RYT. My relationship with yoga has deepened dramatically. Teacher training connected me with a more spiritual side of yoga- I think that self study is important and I definitely plan to continue my learning. My practice is stronger naturally, but I am unexpectedly kinder to myself. This is so surprising in retrospect, but hindsight is always 20/20.

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