Vegan Diaries – Grocery Yoga (11 Tips to Keep It On Budget)



grocery store


The grocery store is a dangerous place for me when I’m hungry. But since I’ve been juicing and eating vegan I need to be there more often. Juicing tastes best when the veggies are fresh.  Making myself crazy about why I haven’t transitioned to a vegan diet creep up on my once in awhile, but mostly I bask in the glow of feeling great.

No really I glow. Juicing is hella amazing on the skin. Between increased blood flow, reduced stress, whole foods, slow cooking and an overall sense of peace, I am Buddha on the Mountaintop (Does anyone know the movie reference?)

Anyhoo- enough about me and my skin, I use the following tricks to make sure that my trip is healthy and under budget.

1Be edgy. Just about everything processed resides in the middle aisles. Shop the perimeter.

2Don’t go to the grocery store hungry. I know it’s been said before but it bears repeating. Your subconscious will begin to convince you that ice cream and potato chip are a legitimate food group. Really.

3Only have eyes for your list. You can’t overspend if you don’t check out cool things that aren’t on your list. You didn’t need the newly discovered item before you hit the store, so chances are you don’t need it.

4Shop alone. This is easy of you’re single. If the kids or spouse is in tow, shopping becomes a group trip and it’s super fun!!! But checking your bill after the fun is done can leave you with a shopping hangover you can’t get over.

5. Keep it real. Focus on real foods. This means they may expire more quickly but a menu plan will keep you on track. If it doesn’t expire for a year, it probably is best left out of your body.

6. Keep it simple. Foods with less ingredients are better for your. Try to keep it to 5 or less ingredients per items. It helps to if you can pronounce the ingredients.

7. Plan your trips. You don’t have to always make one big trip but try to eliminate unplanned trips to the store.

8. Menu plan. It’s a little extra work up front, but will pay off on the back end when you aren’t blowing the electric bill standing in front of the fridge deciding what to make everyone. This is also great on the waistline. Now there’s no excuse to miss a Meatless Monday, good for you, your wallet and the planet.

9. Don’t pay full price. Use the savings card stores offer. Use two supermarkets. Many stores running promotions at different times.

10. Keep Mother Earth healthy. Use canvas bags. 

11. Bag it. Check bagged produce. Grocers sometimes (more often than not) throw in extra into bags, making the deal even better than advertised. So check the scale. It could be worth it if you eat lots of apples, citrus and onions.

This is yoga. And it’s fresh, slow and oh so good.

Namaste y’all.

2 thoughts on “Vegan Diaries – Grocery Yoga (11 Tips to Keep It On Budget)

  1. Awesome tips! I also go to the market so that I can buy from the producer directly (cutting out the supermarket that also wants to make profit), and it feels more ‘real’ to buy from the people who actually got their hands dirty growing the stuff 🙂

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