Yoga and Stroke Recovery

Yoga as a Part of Stroke Recovery?

For years yoga has been touted to make you feel more well-rested and centered. In the past few years its come in to the spotlight as more people have discovered some of the physical benefits. But a paper published in the American Heart Association Journey has said that if you suffered a stroke less than six months ago, yoga may be good for you too. The study was conducted with 47 participants atΒ Indiana University-Purdue University in Indianapolis.

“For people with chronic stroke, something like yoga in a group environment is cost effective and appears to improve motor function and balance,” said Arlene Schmid, lead researcher and assistant professor at the University said in a statement.”

The yoga was practiced in a group setting and focused on gentle postures, meditation and relaxation. There was also an improvement in balance. Though it was a small study there is hope. Renee Pande, MD wrote in the Harvard Medical Journal Blog, “Furthermore, survivors in the yoga groups had improved scores for independence and quality of life and were less afraid of falling. This is something that has scope to be a boon to stroke survivors.”

My grandmother had a stroke when she was young. I used to linger in the back of my mind when I was in my 30s as I continued to smoke. Now that I yoga, it’s nice that yoga gives me peace of mind, literally.

This is yoga. And it can heal you.

Namaste y’all.


2 thoughts on “Yoga and Stroke Recovery

  1. As a stroke survivor, I love practicing yoga at home. I tried to take a yoga class thinking it would teach me things the internet cannot. Yet, there was something intimidating and disheartening about being in a room with ladies 70+ and seeing them have better balance and body control than I do. I am in my 30’s. I don’t give up though…. thank goodness for youtube. πŸ™‚

    1. Don’t give up though- try studios until you find the right fit! Groupon, Living Social and Amazon all have great local deals for studios so you can do it on the cheap. I think websites like yogaglo and yogavibes are also great to do at home. Finding a good teacher that you can see once every few weeks who can give you tips to get the most out of what you do at home. Good luck!! Many blessings.
      Thanks for reading! I’ll definitely be checking out your blog too! Namaste πŸ™‚

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