No Yogi Left Behind – Celebrate Modifications


Have you ever liked someone you never met? I feel that way about Dianne Bondy. She’s a yogi who is active in her community and is just an inspiration.  Skype classess, YTT her own studio, Eastside Yoga, Dianne is doin’ the damn thing.

Even her facebook updates have nuggets of wisdom….last week she wrote:

My motto is ‘No Yogi left behind’. 


How often do I tell people about the joys of yoga for them to tell me they aren’t contortionists. Or they they say chanting ‘aum’ isn’t for them. Or it doesn’t seem fun. Or it seems intimidating.

Modifications baby. Modifications. We talk about them, but I need to remember to celebrate them. I taught a class on Sunday and really focused on holding the modified pose.

That devilish ego. It can tempt us to go places we shouldn’t. This if course can lead to injury and a bruised ego. Ironic isn’t it? Pushing ourselves too far because we thought that’s what we wanted.

Find your fullest expression of a pose for your body and spirit, today. Not based on yesterday’s body. But based on where your body is in the now.

This is another reminder I plan to give throughout class. I make a point of mentioning honoring your body when setting an intention, but throughout class I need to celebrate and not just demonstrate the modifications.

Yoga is a journey that everyone should take. It would be a shame if people didn’t take it because they didn’t think they were invited.

This is yoga. And everyone is welcome. No yogis left behind.

Thanks for the reminder Dianne.

Namaste y’all.


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