Farmers Markets Syndrome (FMS)- Food Yoga

Green Market Union Square


In my neck of the woods farmers market season is around the corner. Confession time, I can go crazy at a good farmers market. They have bright colors, people buzzing around, pretty packages, shiny objects, food samples and great prices! How can you go wrong? You also get to support local businesses.

Color. Me. In. Love.

I don’t know about you, but I get suckered in by the fresh veggies. Walking home from yoga when it’s warm I spy kale in that bushel or on a table and it’s like I’m in a trance. Maybe it’s the yoga high, maybe it’s the vibe, but I always buy something. Usually, too much. Everything seems priced at a dollar and before you know it I’ve only spent 7 bucks but I have 20 pounds of green goodies.

You can’t stop the inevitably train (Yeah that’s right- Mr. Smith). Like many things, much of it can go bad (Like my Matrix joke).

I get through kale, but the spring greens are bad. I think corn is good for a longer time than tomatoes? What about asparagus? You get the picture. Train wreck.

I’ve decided to help all of us who suffer from farmers market syndrome (FMS). I may not be able to stop you, but I can help. I’ve done research on the shelf life on some of the most popular characters we see in those tempting bushels and gingham lined baskets (the little vixens).


With the help of Still Tasty- Your Ultimate Shelf Life Guide I was able to get the support we need. Still Tasty has answers to all of the food questions that you think you should already know the answers to but don’t ask. So check them out.

Back to our program. Here is the shelf life for some items commonly purchased veggies at farmers markets:

1. Kale- 5-7 days in the produce compartment of your fridge

photo credit

2. Arugula (rocket, roquette, rugula) 2-3 days in a plastic bag (This doesn’t not include the stuff you can get at your grocery store in the plastic box. That expiration date is fine)

3. Cucumbers- 7 days

photo credit the

4. Green beans (all kinds) 3-5 days

5. Butternut squash (and other whole winter squash like acorn, spaghetti, hubbard) 1-2 months

photo credit

6. Zucchini (and other whole summer squash like scallop, crookneck) 4-5 days

7. Tomatoes (I know it’s really a fruit) 1-5 days in the pantry until ripe or 2-3 days once ripe

8. Beets 1-2 weeks

9. Broccoli 3-5 days

10. Brussels sprouts 3-5 days

photo credit

11. Parsnips 1-2 weeks

photo credit

12. Spinach 3-5 days

photo credit

I feel better having this information and hope you do too. So go ahead veggies, I see you flashing that green smile. I’ll probably even take you home. But you’ll never go bad on me again. Good luck to those with FMS. Be strong.


This is yoga. And it’s about to be in full bloom.

Namsate y’all.

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