Sometimes Yoga is Just Hard – And That’s Okay.


I’ve been practicing intensely these past few months. I felt a lot of physical soreness when I started. But that’s since left. My body is stronger than ever, my muscles are leaning out and overall I feel like I’m operating more efficiently.

As far as my diet goes, I’m constantly craving apples (weird) and sleep like a freaking baby.

Drinking a gallon of water on days that I do two hot classes in addition to a vinyasa class doesn’t seem crazy, only necessary.

I’m almost through with a 30 day hot yoga challenge. I say challenge because that’s what most call it, but it’s much more than that for me. This is a journey of discovering myself inside and out. It’s preparation for doing 108 days of yoga in order to help foster awareness and cultivate peace, joy and love.

I know, you can hear Kumbaya and smell patchouli wafting the air. I should change my doorbell to chant the sound of ‘aum’.

Except it’s not all lotus flowers, hands in prayer and smiley faces.

The real challenge comes when class just sucks. Or on the days that I don’t want to go. Worse yet, there are days I don’t want to go but go anyway and guess what? Class sucks. Talk about a twofer.

Shockingly (or not), it’s on these days that I see the most growth. I was telling a friend of mine that we don’t learn much when it’s easy.

You’ve been there, right? Not one posture feels good and everything feels tight. Class seems never ending until savasana, and then you redefine never ending because this is even worse.

And you know what I do?

 I go back to mat the next day. And the next day. And the next.

If I don’t up on yoga, it doesn’t give up on me.

Clearly this applies to everything. And thanks to yoga, when I get knocked down 9 times, I get up 10.

This is yoga. And it makes you strong even when you feel weak.

Namaste y’all.


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