Food Yoga – Garlic and Red Bell Pepper Spinach (and some trivia)

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There are people who geek out about stuff and there are people that do not. I’m sure that the former are born this way. This is why the latter look at the former with confusion. For example, I’ll discover an author I love (not like, but love because there is no other way to geek out over something) and promptly tear through every thing they wrote, every interview  they had and know odd facts that may make you wonder if I have gone through said author’s trash. My brother Alex introduced me to the group Bloc Party years ago. I ordered a pair of underwear that read God Bless Bloc Party. I wasn’t a teenager, I wasn’t even in my 20s.

I believe this makes me the perfect person to share information and research, right? Now you don’t have to do the work. This brings me to garlic. Oh, do I love garlic (see, no liking here)! Garlic is amazing. I know that it makes your hands pungent, seeps from your pores and keeps vamps away but it is so so good.

“The air of Provence was particularly perfumed by the refined essence of this mystically attractive bulb.” – Alexandre Dumas

photo Gourmet Garlic Gardens

Nutrition @suite 101 gloriously celebrates garlic on its website. Check out this list of facts. Talk about being ready for cocktail party conversation…

  • Garlic contains 17 amino acids. Amino acids are essential to nearly every bodily function, and make up 75% of the human body. Every chemical reaction that takes place in your body depends on amino acids and the proteins that they build. The reason it is important to ingest the essential amino acids daily, is because they are not stored for later use in the body like fats and starches.
  • Garlic, along with onions and chives, is a member of the lily family.
  • Storage methods for garlic include; juicing, pureeing, and dehydrating marinated in vegetable oil or vinegar. To avoid the growth of potentially deadly bacterial growth, garlic in oil should be kept refrigerated. Although juicing garlic can be beneficial for health it is recommended to use in small quantities to begin with, as it can cause stomach pains when used in a high concentration.
  • Garlic was used with Opium as a common healer for infections and as a painkiller during primitive surgical amputations by Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine.
  • In medieval times, garlic was regarded as an antidote to drunkenness and overeating.
  • For the prevention of sunburn, field workers in the Mediterranean regions would rub slices of garlic on their lips and noses.
  • Taken internally, crushed garlic will give relief to colds, coughs and whooping cough.
  • Painful corns can be soothed by rubbing garlic on them.
  • There are over 300 varieties of garlic grown all over the world

Read more at Suite101: Garlic – Interesting Facts and Uses |

Learn how to choose the best garlic from Totally Nourished.

This spinach recipe is delicious. It’s best made with very fresh ingredients. Perfect for a side dish or pair it with roasted potatoes for something more filling. If your are so inclined you can even add shrimp or scallops! You only need a few ingredients:

  • fresh spinach (6 cups)
  • red bell pepper (cut into thin strips)
  • garlic (5-7 cloves minced, I know it’s a lot- go for it)
  • olive oil (3 T)
  • sea salt or a high quality flaked sea salt like Maldon
  • fresh white pepper (if you don’t have that fresh black pepper)


  1. Heat olive oil in a pan over medium heat
  2. Sauté peppers and garlic until fragrant (one minute)
  3. Add spinach*
  4. Gently toss ingredients for another minute
  5. Serve immediately

*(optional bonus step- I quickly blanched my spinach before adding it to the pan- you don’t have to, it’s just a geek thing)

Yes there are books about garlic. Hey, there’s a book about salt so, there you go. And yes, I own that too.

Are there any other garlic lovers out there?! Stand tall and proud!!! All hail garlic!

This is yoga. And it is gloriously pungent.

Namasté y’all

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