What’s Your Theme Song?


Does your life have a soundtrack? My does.

Always has… As a kid I remember leaping across my room to hit the record button of my stereo because some song came on that I just HAD to have. No Shame Mays would even record a few verses deep.

Songs perfectly shaped a moment while it was happening or led me to moment I didn’t know existed. In any event, stringing songs together more accurately articulated feelings I couldn’t or wouldn’t. Enter the mixtape.

Oh, the brilliance of the mixtape. Seriously, how could one have gotten high school without a mix tape?

Even now dancing to shake off a bad day or celebrate an awesome one is food for the soul.

With headphones on I will bust out a two-step in the middle of the my apartment and not feel any sort of way about it. Out in the street wandering around with the rest of society, I tend to be more reserved.

But sometimes, sometimes I gotta shake my booty in public.

The danger of great playlist. A few good songs in a row can get even the grumpiest person groovin’.

Ask the guy at the light on my way to yoga last week. It was cold but Spotify radio was keeping me toasty. Spotify gives me the best of all worlds. I get to play all of my favorite playlists and it adds the element of surprise when I create a customized radio station.

It’s mixtape nirvana. For. Real.

So, I was headed to yoga listening to the Jill Scott station. Song after song had me cheering. There’s nothing as exciting as hearing a great song that you didn’t queue up. (Well, your favorite movie coming on TV might be a close second)

By the time Joss Stone‘s Super Duper Love strums in my ear…

C’mon now!! My favorite song!! (Truthfully, every song I hear is my favorite song in that moment. This is the joy of Life’s Soundtrack)

At the walk signal the chorus was bumpin’ and I couldn’t help but bop my head and do a lil’ dance. I was trying to keep my dance moves low-key by disguising them as a ‘keep me warm’ jumping motion in the 15° weather. The smile and chuckle from the guy on my left told me I was busted. Actually, I’m not sure if it was a chuckle because I only saw air expelled, I couldn’t hear anything but Joss.

Anyway, I sheepishly smile and say it’s cold, a girl’s gotta stay warm. He laughed out loud as the light changed. I danced my goodbye and hustled to class.

Joy in all its forms is universal. And contagious. Makes me wanna dance just thinking about it.

I hope you turn up your favorite song and bust a move, cut a rug, break it down or dance it up.

This is yoga. And it’s super duper. I’m just tryin’ to tell ya.

<iframe src=”https://embed.spotify.com/?uri=spotify:track:30yn7KuCLbXGCXxjsB0C8K&#8221; width=”300″ height=”380″ frameborder=”0″ allowtransparency=”true”>


4 thoughts on “What’s Your Theme Song?

  1. I dance like an idiot in public a lot I suppose… I always feel like that ditzy softcore bad-ass Katie Holmes character in that movie where her and Diane Keaton and Queen Latifah steal all the money. She always just looked cute. I’m sure I don’t, but in my head it’s awesome!

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