Gettin’ Your Flow On at Home….

home yoga studio
How dreamy is is this space? Ooh la la…

Like lots of people, I first tried yoga in the comfort of my own living room.

My first yoga experience was around 12 years ago with Rodney Yee (I know, who wouldn’t get hooked on yoga?). I loved his style and the DVDs (or I should say VHS tapes) were pretty challenging. Then I discovered Inhale with Steve Ross, also pretty awesome.

I liked the privacy practicing at home provided, but I didn’t feel like I was moving as fluidly as the folks on TV. Studios though, seemed intimidating.

I had the notion that one must be good at yoga before gracing the doorway of a studio. Visions of people twisted like pretzels and incense floated in front of  my third eye. Because I thought myself to be inferior, surely I would be chanted out of the studio my mat and water bottle slung over my shoulder like a hobo pack, kicking rocks, head hung low while the Charlie Brown theme song taunted me all the way home.

I know, I have a flair for the dramatic. But people the world over feel this way, I’m sure of it.

It’s similar to the line of thinking that before one gets a personal trainer, one must get in shape. But I’ll save the talk about my ego for another day. I want to try and keep this post at a reasonable length.

With teacher training under my belt and a pretty solid practice, I’m looking to develop my home flow. I don’t feel quite ‘aware’ enough yet to do my own class and feel like I worked my body out (I’m sure it’s in my head).

But I also don’t feel like a DVD is what I need.

Enter Yogaglo. It’s a website that lets you stream classes from a player or your Mac.


It takes the idea of home practice to a new level. You feel as if you are in the class. For someone who has a solid practice and wants to pick up a few extra classes here and there, it’s a great addition. I don’t know if I suggest learning yoga this way…

Taking classes and getting adjustments is too important. Not to mention the community aspect of yoga which changed my life.

This is what the yogaglo classes look like. It's really as if you are in a class. Super cool.
This is what the yogaglo classes look like. It’s really as if you are in a class. Super cool.

But, this certainly fills a void. And from the comfort of home. With space heaters pointed at me, I was sweaty and happy. I picked a class that focused on hip openers because I’d been feeling a little stifled and needed to open up, or more accurately restore some balance to my 1st chakra. Seane Corn’s hip opener class was just what the guru ordered.

After a 90 minute class I was whooped and feeling so much better.
This is yoga. In my living room. And I love it.

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