Snow Yoga


I was a fan of the snow as a kid. But now, not so much.

Sure when that first coat of snow covers the trees and sidewalks it’s uber pretty and yada yada, but frankly I could take it or leave it. I don’t have to worry about cleaning my car anymore, maybe one of the small blessings that came from losing my car during Superstorm Sandy.

My dog is different.

She loves the snow. Dakota is afraid of most things but she is not afraid of snow. She prances, trots and runs down the sidewalk pleased as punch. And though her feet get cold and she starts to hop she is giddy. I’ve tried to get those awful dog paw covers and they don’t work. She walks awkwardly and stares at her feet. Who can blame her? She’s a dog in a pair of shoes. I also coat her paws with a salve. That helps but they still get cold.

But every time it snows she manages to forget that her paws get frigid. She lives in the moment. It’s as if every snowfall is the first one. It’s a great attitude.

This is yoga. And Dakota loves it.

Namaste y’all. Stay warm in the snow, but have fun.

Snow washington st


3 thoughts on “Snow Yoga

    1. She’ll be happy to hear it. It was snowing during our morning walk and she couldn’t have been more excited. Dogs are great at showing is how to appreciate the little things.

      1. I agree. Dogs are wonderfully unfiltered and they know how to see joy. But I’m a total grinch on this one. We moved to Maine 24 ears ago and I haven’t been warm since. Bah. But blessings to Dakota, nonetheless, for trying to bring the teaching.

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