Juice Yoga

green juice
kale, cucumber, spinach, green apple, lemon and ginger

I’m highly suggestible.


Show me a pretty, shiny display in a store and I’m on it like a bad habit. Sappy commercials make me cry and happy endings in movies make me clap and cheer. Managing bookstores during the Harry Potter era was a blast and even after getting home at 3am after a release I’d rush home to start the latest installment.


So suffice it to say when I saw Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, a documentary about a man’s life changing experience with juicing, my interest was piqued. I think it may be my Tapas (disciplined use of energy) working overtime. Because I LOVE JUICING!!!! And I CAN’T STOP TYPING IN CAPS TO EXPRESS MY ENTHUSIASM.

In all seriousness. I’ve never felt better. Between the yoga and juicing I lost around 10 pounds without thinking about it.

I have very mixed feelings about mentioning this. Despite being a fairly intelligent and emotionally mature grown-up, ‘weighty’ talk has a way of throwing me into a tailspin.

I know this is silly.

I know it’s ridiculous.

I am in great shape. I’m doing on average over two hours of yoga daily. Many days I dedicate my asana practice to embracing myself beyond what I see in the mirror. I’ll let you know when that works out.

Sometimes I wish I could just walk around in my soul skin.

So, I’ve mentioned it.

I only juice one meal per day right now. For a week, I was doing two meals per day, but wasn’t getting enough fuel. Enough of that. If you aren’t properly fueled you open yourself up to injury. Ask my right knee why it’s angry with me.

Le. Sigh.

Juicing is awesome! (See how I changed the tone like those anchors whose voices go up when the transition from a sad story to a happy one?)

I can feel the difference if I don’t start the day with a tall glass of green goodness.

Here are some of my favorites

Green Machine- kale, cucumbers, green apple, ginger, lemon

Orange You Glad- carrots, apples, ginger and cranberries

This is V8- tomatoes, tomatillos, yellow peppers, green peppers, cucumbers, celery (Um if you are so inclined it makes a hell of a Bloody Mary mix. Aw sookie.)

Combined with one raw meal and my vegan challenge- baby, I’m on top of the world.

This is yoga. And I love it.

carrot, apple, cranberry and ginger
carrot, apple, cranberry and ginger

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