Cooking Yoga


Sometimes you have to let shit go. This is one of my rules. I have about ten.

I don’t follow this one as consistently as I do rule number 4 which is to listen to Stevie Wonder every day (because he is a musical genius). There’s a subsection to rule 4 which pertains to Prince and Bob Marley, but that’s another post.

My monkey mind is where I was going and as you can see it’s been bouncing around a bit more than usual.

It started after the New Year and a viewing of  Vegucated. If you haven’t seen Vegucated I can’t recommend it enough. It challenged how I think about what I eat. The hard part is that it challenged the way that I think about what I eat.

You can see my dilemma. This shouldn’t be hard, right? The Yamas and Niyamas outline that it’s critical to live a life that is non-violent, respectful of the earth and everything in it.

This of course means animals.

So I can’t figure out why I feel weird about making this decision. Is it conditioning? Honestly, I don’t miss meat and don’t think I’ll go back to meat, fish or eggs. Dairy is another story. Sigh. (Damn you La Tur cheese, you moldy vixen)

Yesterday, I dedicated my asana practice to peace of mind and clarity.

I ended up think about cheese during savasana.

That wasn’t really the plan. A Kundalini class was right after so I kept my mat put. During the kriya my arms were at 60° angle and on fire. The teacher said to let go of the pain, push your mind past it. We were after all, just holding our arms up.

So I did. And it worked.

I think you know where this is going.

I need to stop over thinking the food issue and let it go. And by let it go, I don’t mean ignore my mind. I’m happy with my vegan/vegetarian diet. In this moment that can be enough. It’s not necessary to have everything sit just right.
Things are what they are and not something else. (Psst, that’s another rule of mine)

But I do need to address my attachment to pleasure.

There is pleasure and there is bliss.
Forgo the first to possess the second.
For right now, I’ll keep doing what I’m doing. My heart will tell me what’s right.
Think it’s time to listen to a little Stevie.
This is yoga. And I love it.
Namaste y’all…

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