Adventures in Teacher Training – Practice Class (It’s Never as Good as the First Time)

yoga studio

I smile a lot these days. Even when I’m feeling anxious a grin manages to envelop me.

Why, you wonder?

I taught my first 30 minute yoga class. Yoga teacher training has been an amazing experience whether I’m reading the Yoga Sutras or breaking down a pose. I’m learning things about myself. At 40, this seems like quite a feat. We’re always growing and changing blah, blah and I believe that as much as the next person.

Seriously, I believe the platitudes I spout and not in some ironic way. Yet, since I started teacher training I feel like I’ve started to become who I’m supposed to be. I hope this revelation never gets old.

So back to my class- here’s how it went down:

False start. I relied too much on my music. With my phone accidentally on shuffle I skipped a section. I inadvertently attached poses to songs rather than having the songs keep pace for class. I guess that’s the danger of music. No worries, because I started again. What I needed to remember was that it may have been the first time that I was teaching a yoga class it wasn’t my first yoga class or my first time teaching a group of people.

It was better than I could have imagined! I relaxed and started to be me. When the class started to move through the flow I stopped thinking. Moving from pose to pose felt good. I got some technical corrections and some solid feedback.

I also had a chance to practice with my teacher one-on-one. It was spur of the moment. Having structure and the ability to go with the flow are equally important. As I learn and add postures to my yoga ‘repertoire’, I’ll be able to color outside of the lines a bit more. I think that’s more of a function of how I learn more than yoga itself. And oddly enough, taking my teacher through a practice one-on-one wasn’t nearly as intense as I thought.

My biggest takeaway from both experiences is that if you are passionate and study your students will feel that. When you relax and let go the flow comes.

I almost wish that I could go back in time to appreciate what I was doing a bit more, but c’est la vie. There will be plenty of other firsts.

yoga (Photo credit: GO INTERACTIVE WELLNESS)

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