Adventures in Yoga Teacher Training – Practice Class or Leaning into Fear


I’m teaching a 30 minute class in a few days to my teacher and fellow trainees. Can you hear my heart beating a million miles per minute? It’s not fear but more of a fear and excitement cocktail (Shaken). The only way to do it is to do it. I don’t have a fear of public speaking (people who know me are snorting in agreement). And I love yogaAnd I know that this is what I want to do. There’s a strange place that I inhabit right before that leap into the right thing. I hesitate, both enjoying the moment and slightly intimidated by the knowledge that you can’t unring the bell.

I’ve been practicing in my head for days now and while the dog doesn’t make a great student, I’m pretty sure Dakota is ready to do sun salutations if it means I’ll be quiet. 30 minutes goes by more quickly than you would think when you are teaching. A warm-up, a few vinyasas, belly-downs, then savasana and boom- it’s over.  I’m over thinking the process. Obsessively, I’m combing through my music library trying to find songs that match with my personality, the poses and the studio. Weird I know, but as a former bookseller I used to dance with glee when booksellers set up tables with great subjects and covers with colors that complimented each other, so it’s clear I have a few issues.

I like to teach. I always have. Communicating a thought and exchanging ideas is my favorite way to pass the time. Guiding students through a yoga practice is just that so I should chill. I think I’m putting a lot of pressure on myself, but if I fall on my face I’ll be faced with deciding if teaching yoga is a bad idea. Intelligently, I know this isn’t a likely outcome. One of my teachers talks a lot about ‘leaning into fear’.

It’s like I’m at the top of the roller coaster and that click, click sound slows down just before you drop. In fact, even as I write this I’m nodding because this comparison is exactly what I’m feeling as I prep for my practice class, I’m excited and terrified. Most of all- I’m ready, because I know I’m for an amazing ride.


I’ll let you know how it goes.

Namaste y’all!


11 thoughts on “Adventures in Yoga Teacher Training – Practice Class or Leaning into Fear

  1. Breathe. You’re not going to fall on your face. Practice-teaching in your teacher training is the most nerve-wracking class you will ever teach. Real students in a real class will feel natural. And of course you are over-thinking it and so is everyone else. While you’re waiting your turn, really watch the other student-teachers do their thing. It’s the right thing to do, and it will help you keep the crazies at bay in your mind. Breathe. Do some yoga. You’re going to be a fine teacher.

    1. Thank you! It went well(I’ll be posting about that soon). I felt really comfortable. It always comes back to breathing and letting go. So simple- and so simple to forget. I wish I had posted this right after I wrote it- your advice would have come in handy.

  2. Oh I so know these feelings! Just started doing 15min slots in my teacher training class.
    One thing different I notice on lots of north american blogs yoga classes seem to have music soundtracks? In 20+ years of going to many different classes in Scotland, I’ve never been at one with music. I’m guessing there must be some, now, but it’s definitely not common. Do most classes have music, where you are?

    1. Congrats!! I feel good now. I did a one-on-one session with my teacher and it felt wonderful. Now I’m just ready to keep practicing and practicing! I’ve been to classes both with music and without. The music though is definitely in the background and not loud like a spin class. I think that having music has become more popular in recent years. Around here I’d say it’s split you can find classes with and without.

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