Adventures in Yoga Teacher Training – Breathe Baby, Breathe




I took a spill today. Yes, I’m that girl. Clumsy.

I’m thinking about getting one of those medic alert bracelets. You know, you have this fear when you live alone that you will fall and be stuck (or even worse, dead) in some horribly painful or more specifically embarrassing position. Ass in the air; underwear with your head wedged between the toilet and the sink (why on earth didn’t I replace the roll and let roll behind me). Fortunately, that’s not what happened today. I was walking to the front door to grab Dakota’s leash and slipped on some water from her dish. Dakota has a placemat; she must have been shaking her head around like a banshee to get the water where she did. In any case my legs went up and I came down, right on my hip and shoulder.

Giant Buddha

The whip of the movement pulled my neck and I was splayed like a cartoon character. The dog runs over with this look like, ‘Oh, hey, there’s some water on the floor- head’s up.’ Hoisting myself up I wondered for a split second what would have happened if I really took a harder tumble? Yikes. But I live in a big building so I suppose I would have only need to have waited until the guy comes to vacuum the hallway and he heard my pathetic whimpering.

I didn’t feel a thing until later. Settled at a bistro table ready to type my heart out I reached for my laptop and hello. The pain enough was sharp that I yelped an ‘Oh shite!’, except I didn’t yell shite.

Immediately, my mind mind started to race about the things I couldn’t do. I couldn’t turn my neck, I couldn’t do yoga, I couldn’t do the things I had planned for the day. This all happened in an instant. And in the next instant I took a freaking breath. I inhaled into the pain. It’s amazing the shift that can happen in your body when you that inhale. The more you resist something the more it persists.

On my mat I gently (and I mean gently) stretched and gave myself some space. One of the biggest aspects of yoga is to practice non-violence against yourself or anyone else. Reminded once again that yoga is what you do both on and off the mat. I didn’t go to class which was one the smarter things I’ve done in awhile. That and buying a bigger mat for Dakota’s water bowl.

This is yoga…and I love it.

Namaste y’all.


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